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I have no idea what wood I carved this elephant in. I started it about 8-10 years ago and finally finished it this year. It sold immediately which was great! Ellie is about 6" tall and finished with Danish Oil and polish.

Completed and sold 2016


Swaledale View (near Gunnerside)

This carving was in figured/ripple Sycamore, 10.25" wide, 2" deep. It was finished with Danish Oil which shows the grain beautifully then polished. It came with a stand.

Completed 2015 and sold 2016



I was asked to carve a meerkat at New Year and finally completed it in May due to regular work plus completing the Ali Baba carving below. I ended up with lots of photos of meerkat faces trying to get the shape right but I was pleased with the final result. The wood is steamed European Beech, 8" diameter, the round is 2" deep and the carving approx 1" deep at its lowest point. Backed with adhesive felt with hanging rings and a stand.

Completed and sold 2016


Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

This fairy tale is carved in a 7" x 7" x 3/4". It was carved as one of a panel of 34 fairy tales as a gift to the school at Coniscliffe near Darlington where my BWA group meets. So it hasn't been finished in any way as they want to have a uniform look and will finish them all the same. My carving shows the chief thief using "Open Sesame" to open the secret entrance to their treasure cave.

Completed and dedicated 2016



This Christmas carving is carved in sycamore, finished with Danish oil, then polished and backed with green adhesive felt plus hanging hooks and cord. The original wood blank was 8" diameter and 2" deep.

Completed and sold 2015


Triquetra #2

This Triquetra is also in ripple sycamore, but I changed the levels a bit so the sides of the triquetra were lower and the edge is also different. It was finished with Danish oil, which made it a bit darker then polished and backed with green adhesive felt plus hanging hooks and cord. 8" diameter and 1.75" deep.

Completed and sold 2015



This was carved as a Christmas present for a friend. A triquetra is also known as a Trinity Knot or Celtic Knot - other subtly different shapes and forms exist. This carving is in figured/ripple sycamore, waxed and backed with green adhesive felt plus hanging hooks and cord though also looks good on a stand. It was 8" diameter and 1.75" deep.

Completed and delivered 2014


View from the Shawl

The Shawl is an 1.5 mile escarpment which provides glorious views of lower Wensleydale and Penhill. It's very popular with walkers. This carving shows the view towards Penhill about half a mile along the walk and was inspired by a photograph I took. The carving is in cherry, waxed and polished and backed with green adhesive felt. It is 11" in diameter and 1.5" deep.

Completed 2013

Sold 2014



This one didn't even get onto the website as it sold immediately. It was carved in native ash and 8" diameter, 2" deep. Waxed, backed with green felt.

Completed 2014

Sold 2014



My first carving 'in the round' of a thoughtful Monkey, inspired by a photo in a childrens' book. It is carved in lime. It's sized approx 9" by 5" by 4.5".

Completed 2003

Sold 2014


Koi Carp

Chinese style watercolour painting of Koi Carp, painted 2011.

Painting size 9.5 " x 6 ", mounted size 11.5 " x 8 " (A4)

Sold 2013


Three Wise Men

This was adapted from a Christmas card and carved in English Walnut, sized approx 7" by 9" and 1" deep total. The background and some of the robes have been textured. The back of the carving has hooks/wire for hanging.

Sold 2013


Moon Gazing Hare

This was a carving of a Moon Gazing Hare in pink soapstone. Its size was approx 6.5" by 4" by 3".

Sold 2013


The Rabbits' Rebellion

Inspired by the cover of the children's book of the same name, when I saw this I knew I HAD to carve it - but how? I made a maquette and tried two versions, one in the round and this one which is a deep relief in lime. I think I started carving it in 2004 and it took eight years off and on. The carving is in lime and waxed. Sized 16" by 8.5" and 2.25" deep.

Completed 2012, sold 2013


Blossom and Snow

A very washy watercolour. 15" x 11".

Sold 2013



I love Snoopy! This lime carving shows Snoopy lying on his dog kennel.

The base of the carving has felt covering.


Sleeping Angel

This is a deep relief in tulipwood that took about 8 years from start to finish. It's 9.5" square and 3" deep.

Completed 2011



I used to play World of Warcraft and Wen was a friend's character on there. I carved this for her.

Completed Winter 2009



Carved for a friend who collected wooden fruit but couldn't find a banana!


Little Cat

Carved in lime


Winnie the Pooh

Also in lime



Carved in zebrano and fixed on a marble base